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Scenes From Thrillville - 4

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John Michael McCarthy and the Thrill     Will the Thrill & Connie Champagne    
The Thrill with Memphis maverick filmmaker John Michael McCarthy (with bullhorn) and crew at the premire of "Superstarlet AD" 7/3/00    

Special guest "Lovely Assistant" Connie Champagne spins the Big Wheel at Will the Thrill's Bachelor Party, 5/24/01

Mr.Tiki celebrates his bachelor party     Devil Doll    

The future Mr. Tiki Goddess celebrates his (public) Bachelor Party at the Parkway Theater with Sprocket Ensemble, Mr Lucky (left) and Connie Champagne (center), 5/24/01

    The newlyweds on stage with three members of SF's all-female biker club the Devil Dolls ( They parked their hogs inside the Parkway, along the stage, then revved them before the Movie "She Devils on Wheels", Thrillville Honeymoon Show 6/21/01.    
Devilettes at Thrillville Honeymoon     Will and Monica @ the Werepad!
SF's famous dance troupe, the Devil-ettes ( laid leis on the newlyweds after driving the crowd wild, Thrillville Honeymoon Show 6/21/01.     At the Werepad for a Planet X release party 7/14/01  
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