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Monica, Tiki Goddess, Pin-up #1.

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Foot Fetish   Zap   Knuckle

Monica and Jenny, "Foot Fetish" dance duo: before their first gig at the Cococut Grove, SF, 1998




Monica admires her father in law: "Bare Knuckles" star, the Thrill's pop, Robert Viharo

SantaMonica   Couch    Aventure Inn in Reno

In Thrillville it's Christmas all year round


Monica lounging at home


Monica in the 50's car bed of the "Fifties Suite" at the Adventure Inn in Reno

Monica keeping abreast of world affairs   Tiki Goddess  
Monica keeping abreast of world affairs   Monica as a dancing gypsy girl in an industrial film shot in SF  
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