Thrillville Welcome to Thrillville

Scenes From Thrillville 83

Will the Thrill and Monica Tiki Goddess celebrate Thrillville's 11th Anniversary Show   Mr Lobo and the Queen of Trash help the Thrills celebrate with a spaceman vs. alien contest   willmonelvis
Will with Ernie "Hardware Wars" Fosselus and Mr Lobo ("Cinema Insomnia") at the the second Thrill-o-Tronic Film Show, Cerrito 7/5/08   Robert Silverman thrills the crowd with his theremin at the Thrill-o-Tronic show   The Thrills welcome the Head of Elvis Enterprises to Thrillville
wahines   wahines   wahines
The Wigglin' Wahines bring aloha to the audience at "Thrillville's Elvis D-Day Luau" featuring "Blue Hawaii," Cerrito, 8/14/108
Deacon Rivers       monelviswheel
Deacon Rivers of the Church of Elvis preaches to the choir        The Tiki Goddess and the King

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