Thrillville is the virtual headquarters for the gonzo pulp fiction of Will "the Thrill" Viharo - freelance writer, film programmer, live music booker, tiki lounge lizard, and B movie impresario. For many years, Will "the Thrill" and his wife Monica "Tiki Goddess" Cortes hosted a live cult movie cabaret called "Thrillville," featuring classic drive-in/grindhouse cinema and live burlesque acts, which still influence his work. Please check out the links on the left for more info. Cheers!

Artwork by Mike Fyles
"There is no one else alive today who serves as a better example of what sets the pulps apart from everyone else. Will Viharo is a mastermind of mad monstrosities. He is a titan of titillating terrors. There is a window to an incredible, magical, mysterious, challenging, and bizarre land and it exists in the mind of Will Viharo." - Craig T. McNeely, “Will Viharo: Unsung Hero of the Pulps,” Dark Corners Magazine